Test4Good Awards



The Test4Good Awards will recognise the achievements of students who excelled in being creative, working with the community, and making innovative use of technology to promote the Test4Good messages of reading for fun and raising awareness of autism.

We’ve gathered a group of celebrities and high-flying folk in Dubai, all passionate about giving and education, to judge the Test4Good Awards. We’ll be announcing the names of judges in the coming weeks.

Submit your entries with the subject title Test4Good Awards to by May 3, 2015. Your entries can include text, images, audio, video, infographics– any format you like! If your team is chosen as a winner, we’ll invite you to attend the prize giving ceremony, to be held at What Worked, Dubai Healthcare City, on May 18.

Most Creative Campaign

This award will recognise the team who were most creative and innovative in the way they promoted Test4Good. What ideas did students come up with to promote Test4Good? How did they come up with these ideas? How did they put them into practice?

Most Collaborative Campaign

The Most Collaborative Campaign award will go to the school and students who most ‘looked out’ when promoting Test4Good. Did students work with people and organisations outside of their school to promote Test4Good? How did they do this? What were the results?

Most Innovative Use of Technology

Sponsored by our friends at Tilt, this award will recognise the team who used technology most creatively and effectively to promote Test4Good in new and innovative ways. What technologies were used? How were they used? What were the results?

Good luck!